Consulting Services

Prior to the filing of a lawsuit, Mr. Sheahan is available to consult with legal counsel on an hourly fee basis regarding facets of a potential lawsuit that are within the scope of Mr. Sheahan’s areas of expertise.

Expert Witness Services

After a lawsuit has been filed and Mr. Sheahan has been retained as an expert witness, the following services are available:

• Preparation of Declarations/Documents
• Attendance at Client/Attorney Meetings
• Telephone Conferences with Client/Attorney
• Preparation for Depositions, Mediation/Arbitration or Court Appearances
• Attendance at Depositions
• Attendance at Mediation and/or Arbitration
• Attendance at Court Hearings and/or Trial

Additional Services Upon Request

Upon request, Mr. Sheahan will provide a complementary one-hour consultation with legal counsel to discuss and/or review a case file prior to Mr. Sheahan’s formal engagement as an expert witness.

Whether it be on the Plaintiff or Defendant side of a litigation matter, Mr. Sheahan possesses the experience and expertise to serve as an effective expert witness in commercial real estate related matters.

Good intentions without execution mean nothing. Mr. Sheahan understands the importance of litigation timeframes and deadlines and completes expert witness assignments with the satisfaction of the client as the paramount goal.

We welcome your inquiries which will be treated promptly and professionally.