Commercial Real Estate Expert Witness Services

Serving All Areas of Arizona, including Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

DIRECT LINE: (480) 251-5338

Mr. A. Patrick Sheahan provides consulting and testifying expert witness services in support of litigation related to commercial real estate matters and has served as an Expert Witness in approximately 35 cases in the past eight years. Mr. Sheahan is available for expert witness assignments throughout the State of Arizona and other states when appropriate.

Types of commercial real estate within Mr. Sheahan’s area of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Shopping Centers

Office Buildings

Industrial Properties

Commercial Land

Apartment Complexes

Mr. Sheahan is qualified to address the following issues in his capacity as an expert witness: Arizona Revised Statutes pertaining to real estate, ADRE Commisioner’s Rules, NAR Code of Ethics, Broker/Salesperson Standard of Care, the duty of fair and honest dealings, mitigation of damages, standards of practice, duties to non-clients, Landlord/Tenant disputes, Broker/Salesperson misrepresentation, Agency, Contract Law, Disclosure, Licensee fiduciary obligations, Real Estate Contracts, Commerical Leases and the Broker Standard of Care in connection with the aforementioned.

Complementary One-Hour Consultation

Upon request, Mr. Sheahan will provide a complementary one-hour consultation with legal counsel to discuss and/or review a case file prior to Mr. Sheahan's formal engagement as an expert witness.

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